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SQUOLA is an academic institution in Florence dedicated to transforming the meaning of learning the Italian language through a simple question: Who speaks Italian and how is it spoken in Italy today?
The contemporary approach of SQUOLA goes beyond traditional learning methods by teaching students how to speak and live in the Italian culture and society.
SQUOLA exposes its students to the changing realities of Italy today
SQUOLA is an integration project that takes its students beyond memorized words and towards acquiring a real grasp of the sounds and nuances.
SQUOLA seeks to offer a complete, contemporary, culturally and sociologically rich vision of the Italian language in the city that gave birth to linguistic pioneers such as Dante and Boccaccio.
Why the Q? SQUOLA is a scuola - school, that seeks to surround students through cultural and linguistic immersion and to leave a lasting, visible mark on their experience like the downward tail that renders the letter unique in the alphabet.


SQUOLA is the home of Italian language and studies at PALAZZI Florence Association for International Education.
To offer intensive immersion programs – short and long term – for students in combination with internships and volunteer/ community service positions where they put into practice their language skills.
To create a bridge, through interdisciplinary linguistic studies, between the international student and the Italian/Florentine experience.
To promote an open forum that hosts academic gatherings, conferences, and conventions on contemporary Italian studies.
Integration programs to unite the local, student, and international communities in Florence such as: thematic events, lectures, and cinema programs.


An innovative intensive language program suited for serious individuals interested in maximizing their progress during their studies in Florence. Program duration can last from 3 weeks intensive to a full semester with internship and volunteer opportunities.
A faculty of international academics and professionals to complement the educational and cultural mission of the PALAZZI institutions.

Dynamic, state of the art facilities that offer the latest learning technologies in a completely restored historic palazzo just beyond the Duomo, equipped with high-tech language labs and classrooms, computer centers, reading room and lounge for students, and an amphitheater style cinema room for didactic use or thematic events such as film series open to the public
Programs open to the public, proposed and managed by an international Advisory Board.

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