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The latest issue of Blending Magazine, completed in December 2012, dedicates its content to the theme of "Exploration," also covered by the yearly FUA/SUNY Stony Brook academic conference in Florence. The figure of Florentine explorer Amerigo Vespucci, celebrated in 2012 for the 500th anniversary of his death, is a reoccurring presence throughout the issue as a reminder of his extraordinary contributions and as a symbol of innovation and novelty. Vespucci is thus a starting point for Blending contributors to challenge the confines and definitions of exploration and voyage. As the Blending staff shares, "In today’s world, exploratory methods have naturally changed, and the Blending Staff of faculty members and students have decided to explore contemporary variations of exploration, including interior/contemplative as well as technological approaches. Explorations can also be singular or collective, as many of our articles evince, and we are proud to offer a kaleidoscope of journeys spanning from the arts to the environment."

Read or download the latest issue of Blending Magazine here

About Blending

Blending is the journalism initiative of Florence University of the Arts, sustained by the J SCHOOL. It offers a monthly newsletter and semesterly magazine, entirely produced by the students and faculty of FUA. Blending's title derives from its interpretation of the FUA/Palazzi mission for cultural integration; by blending the voices of students, faculty, community, experiences, creative reporting and reflections, Blending seeks to tell the story of a different Florence, of a city whose internationalization is contributing positively to the global scene. For submissions or general enquiries, please contact blending@palazziflorence.com

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