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F_AIR Welcomes 2013's New Artist in Residence


Spring 2013 begins a new season of F_AIR's residency program for international artists. The January through May period welcomes the NYC-born Eric Mistretta as the resident artist who will conclude his time at F_AIR with a solo exhibition. Eric has exhibited at numerous shows in the United States, recently at the Allegra Laviola Gallery, The Shirey, and Family Business. When describing his practice, it "is heavily focused on appropriating items that already exist and then introducing other foreign elements into the equation. In doing so, the connotation typically associated with the original object becomes confused or corrupted, and the juxtaposition of materials and previously existing implications forms a hybrid that operates in an altered realm of understanding." 

F_AIR will also host a second international artist during the same period. Victoria DeBlassie is currently in Italy as a Fullbright scholar and is conducting a part of her research at FUA. She is working on a project, with the Polo Conciario in the Tuscan town of Santa Croce sull'Arno. The project is a study of works performed on vegetable leather with orange peel. 

Both artists will be involved in special art projects at F_AIR and will interact with FUA's School of Fine Arts students and faculty members. Eric Mistretta's solo show opening is scheduled for April 30th, 2013. Victoria DeBlassie will be holding a micro-exhibition from May 28 to June 14 at F_AIR. Prior to the May show, there will be an April 8 exhibition at FLY, the fashion store of FUA's fashion and accessories school FAST, featuring a special project created with FUA School of Fine Arts ceramics students.

Further information on Eric Mistretta and Victoria DeBlassie may be found on their websites.


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