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2011 digital renaissance

Stony Brook University and Florence University of the Arts (Palazzi) held the yearly conference in Florence from 10th to 12th November 2011 with the following theme - Our Digital Renaissance: Cultural Development, Artistic Creation and Economic Growth.

"Culture is not only limited to the tradition field of arts and letters, but also encompasses science and the entire body of knowledge and experience which our societies have been consolidating over the centuries [...] If "Europe were to be reconstructed, I would begin with culture rather than the economy"

- Jean Monnet's Report of the 'Comité des Sages' 

The program, held over two full conference days, was organized according the following topics:


Past and present: innovators, innovations, preserving this heritage for the future

Digital philology

IP: on intellectual property

Pedagogy: Teaching language and culture in the digital age

The digital archive: libraries, museum, institutions


Our digital Renaissance: socio-economic considerations

Cultural tourism in the digital age 

Case studies: Virtual Renaissance, the e-book and Europe, fashion in the digital age, our digital gastronomy.

Available for download are the complete conference program, as well as speaker/paper abstracts and bios for day 1 and day 2. The publication of the conference acts, published by the FUA university press Ingorda for Florence Campus Publishing, is also available for download.


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