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Italian Civlization & Culture Summer Field Learning Program

The LSSOCC285 Italian Civilization and Culture: Society and Lifestyle 3-week field learning course engages students in Italian civilization and culture through direct experience. Each week of the program features coursework on-site by beginning in Northern Italy, transitioning to Southern Italy during the second week, and concluding in Cntral Italy for the third and final week. This sociology course offers compatibility for students from diverse major backgrounds and is cross-listed to field learning, Italian cultural studies, art history, anthropology, history, food and culture, and geography. On-site fieldwork and assessment are conducted on a daily basis.

Program Benefits:

Field learning aimed at an educational exploration of Northern, Southern, and Central Italy.
On-site lectures and visits address both the major and minor aspects of Italian culture and civilization.
Multiple course cross-lists for students from diverse majors.
Can be taken alone or as a precursor to subsequent FUA summer sessions in Florence.

Credit Load:

6 credits

Learning Locations:

Week 1 - Northern Italy
Week 2 - Southern Italy
Week 3 - Central Italy

Further information, program details, and the field learning itinerary are available in the program brochure.




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