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Horticulture Semester in Florence

This FUA program is offered in partnership with Farmingdale State College and features a full semester of horticulture academics and an internship in Florence, Italy. The program features four courses that focus on Italian horticulture and a for-credit internship. Coursework includes sustainable green environments in Italy, the history of Italian gardens, design practices in nature, and the culture of grapes and wine production.

Florence is the birthplace of the Renaissance garden and the home to contemporary community garden projects.
Exposure to diverse landscapes such as aesthetically functional gardens and production-focused vineyards.
Engaging field learning experiences integrated to coursework.
Opportunity to apply learned topics through the internship.

Course Offering
Grow Green and Learn Italian
Gardens of Love: Green Paradises in Italy from the Renaissance to Our Age
Design by Nature I
Table and Wine Grapes of Italy: An Educational Wine Tour I (Fall) or Viticulture and Enology: An Educational Wine Tour II (Spring)

Credit Load
15 credits

Upcoming Dates and Program Brochure
Visit our featured program page for upcoming semester dates and the program brochure including course details and descriptions.

Please note: The program will be confirmed 2 months prior to the program start date. Program participants are held responsible for all travel arrangements, we highly recommend that participants await program confirmation prior to booking travel.


For information on the application process, please contact Florencehorticulture@farmingdale.edu.

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