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SQUOLA offers a rich program of cultural events and activities throughout the year for both students and the general public.


Every November, FUA and SUNY Stony Brook host a themed multidisciplinary conference at the SQUOLA facilities. Past themes have included Futurism, Cultural Integration and the Digital Renaissance and have gathered academics and professionals from both the US and Italy. For more information on organizing a conference at our facilities with catering services, please contact info@squolafirenze.it. 


The CCIS lecture series is part of the intensive language program and is also open to the general public. Every Monday at 12:00 the CCIS offers a short lecture and discussion on a current cultural, social or political theme followed by discussion. Please consult the event calendar as the same lecture is often offered both in English and Italian.


The CCIS film series is part of the intensive language program and is also open to the general public. Italian films are shown weekly with a commentary in an amphitheater-style auditorium. Please consult the calendar for film titles and synopsis.


SQUOLA has partnered with the Italian state university Università deli Studi di Firenze for conversation exchange projects between international and Italian students during the Fall and Spring semesters. In addition, conversation exchange opportunities for all FUA students regardless of major/study are available throughout the year through the Student Life Department. 


Students taking Service Learning courses at SQUOLA, are enrolled in the 12-credit semester, or sign up for a volunteer position through the Community Service department at FUA are involved in diverse areas of cultural integration. SQUOLA-specific volunteer opportunities may include, but are not limited to, collaborating with state schools for children, centers for the elderly, pro-animal associations, environment organizations (Legambiente) as well as diverse NGOs. 


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